3D model Sea fish set
Sea fish set
3ds Max 2013 (Vray), fbx
3D model Model of an owl
Model of an owl
3ds Max 2015 (Vray), fbx
3D model Decorative dog in the house
Decorative dog in the
3ds Max 2014 (Vray), obj
3D model Fish rotan
Fish rotan
3ds Max, fbx
3D model Paracanthurus hepatus
Paracanthurus hepatus
3ds Max 2013 (Vray), obj
3D model Cat with Hair&Fur modifier
Cat with Hair&Fur
3ds Max 2012 (Vray), fbx
3D model Koi carps fish
Koi carps fish
3ds Max 2013 (Vray), fbx
3D model Sleeping fluffy cat
Sleeping fluffy cat
3ds Max 2012, 2014, 2016 (Vray), obj
3D model German shepherd
German shepherd
3ds Max 2013 (Vray), fbx
3D model High quality posed Deer model
High quality posed Deer
3ds, fbx, obj, stl
3D model Cow HQ
Cow HQ
3ds Max 2012 (Corona), OBJ
3D model Red cat
Red cat
3ds Max 2014 (Vray), obj
3D model Labrador
3ds Max
3D model Cartoon Zebra
Cartoon Zebra
ma, fbx
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